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Telenor Quiz Answers 13 May 2021 – Telenor Quiz Today 13 May 2021

Telenor is a Pakistani network

my telenor test your skills today answers

corporation that offers a community throughout Pakistan Telenor Company makes certain that their towers in every small village are released. They offer very good verbal exchange throughout Pakistan. They have 2G internet connections but now they have got 3G and 4G networks in Pakistan. Their internet provider is excellent in village regions. When the network companies are being launched in Pakistan the Telenor Question solution Company comes at range three in Pakistan. This enterprise improves every day and will increase their clients an increasing number of that’s how they growth their sales as well.

Telenor Quiz thirteen May the business enterprise has a play keep app that app name is My Telenor App solutions you can download the app from the play shop for free. You could make your very own account on the My Telenor app and then you could use the My Telenor App for money transaction, for sim load and you may also get free net MBs from the Telenor question answer it very easy process to get daily internet loose MBs thru the My Telenor App in day by day bases the Easy paisa app asks 5 questions form you if you deliver the proper answer you will get loose net MBs from the My Telenor App.

You can use an clean paisa account for saving your cash the My Telenor App query solutions additionally provides a debit card for crediting money. You can use a debit card for crediting your cash. You can use that debit card at any ATM system for crediting cash.

You can use an smooth paisa account for sim load you could load from an easy paisa account to any Pakistani sim.

Through an smooth paisa account, you may proportion money from one easy paisa account to any other clean paisa account and additionally you may percentage cash from an clean account to a jazz coins account and now you could also proportion from the easy paisa app to every other Pakistan financial institution. This is the first-rate service supplied by using the Telenor Quiz thirteen May the company and easy paisa account to every Telenor person many human beings in Pakistan use these services freed from price.

In this put up, I will offer you the questions answer who requested with the aid of the My Telenor App. My Telenor App asks daily new questions I will update all of the questions every day you may go to this website day by day to get Telenor questions solutions at no cost and after you give all solutions to your easy paisa app you may get free MBs you may experience these MBs.

Telenor answers 13 May 2021 thirteen May Telenor Quiz thirteen Telenor Quiz Today
Question 1: Which usa is the maximum populated in Europe?
Answer: Russia
Question 2: In which landmark might you discover the Mona Lisa?
Taj Mahal
Eiffel Tower
Answer: Louvre
Question three: Which usa received the first-ever Football World Cup?
Answer: Uruguay
Question four: What percentage of the watermelon is water?
ninety two
forty five
Answer: ninety two
Question five: What is the name of the biggest moon of Saturn?
Answer: Titan
On Catetechy you may find out solutions to each day of the Telenor skill test your capabilities Quiz.

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